The Allamanda is one of the group of semi-climbing, upright growing plants, becoming more and more popular now a days. 

Growing The Allamanda Plant
Allamanda is a strong vine plant/climber, large yellow blooms with shiny deep green, leathery, 2-4 inch evergreen leaves, with large clear yellow flowers.

Flowers and Fragrance

The bell-shaped allamanda flower is very fragrant, yellow and appearing in summer can reach 4-5 inches across. Flowers can last until late November and into December in the South.

How To Care For Allamanda
Overall, the Allamanda vine perfectly combines the beauty of their whorled leaves, trumpet-shaped flowers, and twining growth, to make them garden favorites.

Light and Temperature

In its native habitat, new shoots find their way to the tree tops to get all the sun they can, while keeping the dark green leaves protected in semi-shade.

A lover of sun, it needs lots of sunshine, so if possible, mimic nature and shade the plant but give the tips lots of sunshine.

Keep temperatures and humidity high if possible.

Watering Your Allamanda & Fertilizing

When in full growth season, in high temperatures and humidity Allamanda requires lots of water. During its flowering period pay attention to the plant’s water use. Very often it requires some extra water to avoid flower loss.

Fertilizing Allamanda is best with a liquid food once every two weeks during active growth.