Antique roses or old roses seemed to be losing their significance at the hands of the modern and striking colored new hybrids, until recently, the retro era of roses bloomed once again. The fact that made these almost dead roses come alive is that they are a natural synonym of beauty unlike the hybrid rose plants, which require pruning at any cost in order to maintain their freshness and beauty. This fact recalled the forgotten, to rule the decorative front once again. They are a natural source of pastel colors that remain fresh for ages without the need for an external care.

A few varieties of antique roses are given in the rest to come.

China roses- This variety of antique roses can be used for a variety of purposes like hedge decoration, specimen plants and in borders. They are extremely resistant to hot conditions and can become large and colorful bushes once they gain full maturity.

Noisette roses- This rose is a Native American rose. It forms beautiful climbers and repeaters. They come in a wide range of colors, have large as well as small petals, and are of a high decorative value. They can customize the overall look of your belongings, as they look unique and paradise-like in the form of climbers, when they encircle your fences, trees and walls.

Tea roses- Their name is a derivative from the green tea leaves, as they have a similar fragrance. These antique roses either stand tall or take the shape of narrow bushes. They look beautiful when scattered summer flowers bloom right in between them.

Polyantha roses- These antique roses are an outcome of the breeding between china roses and the Japanese multi-flora rose. They are compact, disease resistant and evergreen rose types.

Apart from the above-listed varieties, there are a few more; namely perpetual roses, bourbon roses etc. If you are an antique trend follower, you need to follow certain steps, in order to harness these old roses successfully. A few cultivation tips are given as follows,

  • However, naturally, the antique roses will not die in the lapse of care, but favorable climate and a little care will make these flowers come out in flying colors.
  • A rose bed created at a place where the direct morning sunlight comes, will only add to the overall growth and beauty of antique roses.
  • High quality fertilized soil will boost the quality and quantity of the old roses largely. Timely water supply will ensure a proper growth as well.
  • However, antique roses are disease resistant but still a bleak chance of being infected cannot be overlooked. However, they will never suffer a fungal infection and will naturally shed all infected leaves, but timely use of pesticides and insecticides is always a good option.