Blue roses have always been symbolized with love and prosperity. However, they do not exist in a natural form. Your mind may contradict this statement, if you have ever seen a blue flower in some botanical garden or a decorative hall. For what you always see may not the complete reality, similar the case with a blue rose. The rose flower that you many have seen somewhere, colored blue, must have been a dyed white flower or a genetically modified master piece.

The lapse of blue roses in the nature have always fetched them the title of mystery and historically they have always been associated with attaining the impossible and even passionate romance. They were sometimes even treated as a symbol of royal blood and love at first sight. The royalty of this rose was always unmatched, even before it existed in the world, for real.

Blue roses have though been created artificially by scientists as well through genetic modification. The reason for the absence of this shade in the nature is the incapability of the nature to produce ‘deep blue’ or ‘real blue’ color producing gene. An ancient book proposes the use of a blue dye that can be supplemented to the roots of the bark and the resultant is said to be a blue rose. However, one of the best-dyed blue rose is the ‘Blue moon’, which is more towards a lilac color.

To serve the needful, a thirteen long years of effort of an Australian research company and a Japanese research company collaboratively, formulated a genetically modified blue rose, which had hit the markets. These genetically engineered blue roses however, could not produce the true blue color initially, due to the presence of the original cyanidin pigment, which produced a darker color than the actual blue color. The recent RNAi technology however, has been able to depress the presence of this pigment to some extent, making it possible to produce mauve colored roses.

The various scientific efforts to produce blue roses have also produced some of the best and unusual blends of colors. However, the thirteen years long research and modifications have produced almost blue colored roses that were displayed publicly for the first time in a flower expo held at Tokyo, for the first time in October 2008.

The exquisite and royal look of these blue roses, fetch much more demand for them, than any other shade of roses. They are always in a high demand for decorative arrangements.