Climbing red roses are the most liked of all the climbing roses. Climbing roses are rose plants that can reach a good level of height and come in different colors and varieties. Red colored climbing roses seem to the one that everybody loves and wants for their special occasions.


 Climbing roses are one of the famous types of roses. These roses grow in height and end up winding or twisting itself around poles, stairs, windows, gates, walls etc as they grow. Since they grow in height, they look very beautiful as they adorn a party hall entrance gates or for any halls decorated for other occasions. Among the climbing roses, climbing red roses is what most people ask for as they are bright and catch  attention.

Red roses in any variety are loved by most flower lovers. It is no surprise that climbing red roses automatically become a favorite for all occasions. As it is, red roses are a symbol of love, thus making it a favorite during wedding and anniversary celebrations.  Not just for parties, anybody would love to have a climbing red rose in their garden. Climbing red roses come in different varieties and characteristics. A few well-known varieties are:  Blaze Climbing Rose, Don Juan Climbing Rose,  Altissimo Climbing Rose, Dublin Bay Climbing Rose, High Society Climbing Rose, Eden Red Climbing Rose, and Stairway to Heaven Climbing Rose among many others.

Among all climbing red roses a blaze red climbing rose seems to be the favorite to grow in one’s garden. It is one of those climbers that can be depended upon to bloom on time and stay fit. These climbing roses can be trained to follow the path of growth as you please. Don Juan climbing rose is large and is bright red in color. It is one of those well scented climbing roses and fills the atmosphere with positivity. It can be anywhere between 8 feet to 13 feet in height. Altissimo climbing rose is perceived to be one of the best climbers among climbing roses. This variety is trained mostly to grow on walls. This can be 8 feet to 10 feet tall and can also be grown as a shrub. The above three varieties are the top three among climbing red roses.

Dublin climbing rose is always in bloom and replaces the old flowers quickly. It can go up to 12 feet in height and has a pleasant fruit fragrance. High society climbing rose’s special feature is that it will not fade or droop in extreme heat. So, in summers, you can be rest assured that this is the climbing rose that can guarantee staying fresh. Eden red climbing rose’s quality is similar to that of Eden pink – they have many petals, is disease resistant and can reach 10 feet tall.  Stairway to Heaven has quickly become one of the favorite climbing red roses. It is usually the first to bloom and will be in bloom the entire season. It grows fast and people prefer growing these on gates, stairs, fence etc. It can go up to a maximum of 12 feet in height and has a light fragrance.