Designs On Floribunda Roses

Roses have been the most favorite among flowers from time immemorial. Even the greatest of the bards was inspired to write, “That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.” Garden enthusiasts across the globe plant roses to beautify their landscape. To the uninitiated planting roses would seem a bit of a daunting task. But what they need to know is the difference between the most popular types of roses: hybrid tea and floribunda roses.

Some horticulturists consider the Floribunda a better variety, mainly due to its capacity to continue producing flowers for a long period. They are grown more for displaying the flowers than for sale or other purposes. Floribunda roses add elegance to the landscape, as they produce flowers in a range of colors.

Traditional designs of flower arrangements emphasize the aesthetic qualities of color, form and texture. What matters most are the smooth transition and harmonious relationship. The three classifications of traditional designs are line, line-mass and Mass.

Line design: Adopted from the Oriental Line designs, the linear pattern is dominant in the line design. Usually, they are inspired by natural forms like the lines of a tree branch. The design incorporates materials in a realistic manner for a scenic interpretation, where flowers and foliage are pruned to emphasize natural characteristics.

Line-mass design: In this arrangement, merging of some of the best qualities of the Oriental Line and Occidental Mass done to produce an open silhouette. A line-mass design is similar to a mass design, with the predominance of the linear quality. In order to draw attention, the materials are arranged to match the prominent characteristics of flowers.

Mass design: A large amount of plant materials are used in mass designs. With a closed silhouette, the flowers are arranged in different forms, including oval, circular, fan-shaped or triangular. In this design flowers and foliage are loosely arranged, avoiding crowding of plant materials.

Helpful hints

While arranging floribunda roses or other flowers, it is advisable to maintain the height of the mass design at around one-and-one-half times that of the container’s height. For line or line-mass designs, the longest line should be about 11/2 times the height or diameter of the container. Remember that the container should not dominate the design, but remain merely a design component. Large containers should be avoided, or cover them with some plant material, so that they appears visually smaller. If your container is white, use some white plant material to cover them aesthetically. Remember, the container should always complement the designs.

Summary: Floribunda roses being a favorite variety, floral arrangements are done to suit individual tastes. But following certain traditional floral arrangements can add aesthetic beauty and elegance.

Floribunda Rose: One Flower, Many Blooms

Summary: Ever since it was bred in the Thirties, the Floribunda rose has been ever popular because of its aesthetic value and has set a milestone example in plant cross breeding.

If you are talking about hybrid roses, Floribunda is a name that instantly comes to mind because of its ability to bear multiple blooms. The name derives from Latin, meaning “many flowering”. This particular rose is considered a milestone in plant cross-breeding as it resulted from crossing the Rosa multiflora, polyantha and hybrid tea roses.

The Floribunda rose has been created with the fundamental idea of multiple blooming like poyantha roses and to have the same variety of colors as tea roses do. The famous hybridizer, Dr. J.N. Nicolas, who was an employee of the world famous rose growing company, Jackson & Perkins, first coined this rose’s name in 1909, which was also called “Gruss an Aachen”.  These flowers are larger in size and have a similar growth pattern to hybrid teas.

The Floribunda rose shrub is generally stiff and is somewhat smaller than hybrid tea rose shrubs. Since they grow in clusters, these roses are used in large scale decorations of public places and gatherings. The planting of Floribundas should be made in a manner so that they are placed at least a foot and a half apart. Moreover, if you are growing them in colder weather, the planting should be at least two feet apart and also make sure to protect them from the winter freeze.

Warmer climates call for at least three feet of space between two Floribunda rose bushes and other auxiliary precautions for growing them are more or less the same for any other outdoor plant.  If you want them to look more beautiful, the best thing to do is to plant them in groups of four or more plants. They also grow well in pots.

When purchasing the Floribunda rose plant, always remember that they should be grafted. Moreover, they should not be planted in places that are exposed to dust, smoke and strong sunlight. Even though they are known for their toughness, strong sunlight can somewhat retard their growth and also kill them. The best time to plant them is between November to April and as bare roots which ought to be trimmed before planting to enhance faster growth. The pruning process is of primary importance in finally deciding how well the plant will grow in future.

Apart from these, the care taken for a Floribunda rose is similar to that of other roses. The early morning dew is helpful in improving their quality as is a dose of bone meal as fertilizer for the soil in which they are being grown.