Gorgeous  Zinnias

 With a circulation range that stretches from south-central USA to Argentina, but concentrated around Mexico, this genus includes some 20 varieties of annuals, perennials, and small shrubs belonging to the daisy (Asteraceae) family. These versatile flowers come in a range of forms, particularly the cultivars, and there is a plant suitable for most purposes. Choose dwarf forms for growing and maintaining along pathways, taller forms for borders, and trim frequently to encourage an extended flowering season. 

 Flowering Season: Summer, Autum, Spring

 Visual appeal

Most zinnias have soft, downy, light green leaves that range from linear to broadly spatula-shaped, based on the species. Most have simple daisy-like flowers, with noticeable ray florets and disc florets. Modern garden zinnias mostly produce double flowers, with the disc florets less obvious or absent. The color range is comprehensive, though mostly restricted to the warm tones: yellow, pink, orange, and red to mahogany.



Zinnias prefer a position in full sun, long warm summers, and freedom from cold breezes and sudden weather changes. In favorable conditions few other flowers can make such a lengthy display. Moist well-drained soil is best, though they can tolerate dry periods. Deadhead often and use liquid fertilizers to ensure ongoing blooming and steady growth. Propagate from seed.