Gomphrena Globosa

This plant is found throughout the country of Indonesia, especially in the wetter areas to moderate. Halaaman used to grow in the home or in the open fields with sufficient solar radiation. Can grow at an altitude of 1 to 1,400 m above sea level.

This plant comes from America and Asia. In the form of green-stemmed shrubs reddish-haired, soft and woody branches up to 60cm high. Leaves sessile, opposite position, a circular shape to an elongated egg breech length of 5 to 10cm, width of 2-5 cm. Green tapered tip at the top and smooth on the bottom, white hair color. Hump ​​shape like a ball of flowers, dark red-purple, some white. Seeds many small-sized length.

  Gomphrena Globosa flowers 1

Classification: Gomphrena globosa also called L, belongs to the plant family Amaranthaceae.

Chemical properties: This herb has a distinctive chemical constituents known that Gomphresin I, II, III, V, VI.dan amaranthin. There is also the content of flavonoids, essential oils, or saponins.

Pharmacological Effects: These plants are: anti-cough and sputum laxative, anti asthmatik, anti radangmata. In Chinese pharmacology called this plant has a sweet taste and neutral.

Efficacious parts: the pharmacological effects obtained from the use of flowers or the whole plant, fresh or dried dried.

Gomphrena Globosa flowers dopropsGomphrena Globosa flowers 1Gomphrena Globosa in wild doprops