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Orchid Care - Feed, Humidity & Re-potting
The world of orchids is a challenging one, but it is this challenge which
captures the imagination of many growers. You have to keep an eye
out for bugs when caring for your orchids but perhaps the biggest one
is the one you may catch yourself, the orchid bug, you will be an
enthusiast for life!read more

Background and History of Orchids (Orchidaceae family)

The orchid family is not only the largest but one of the most diverse
plant flowering families in the world. The orchid was one of the first
plants to evolve on earth, it was around in the time of the dinosaur,
over 120 million years ago. Given the length of time they have been
around it shouldn’t be surprising that there are over 35,000 species
with hundreds of thousands of hybrids.
The most famous orchid in the world is the vanilla orchid (planifolia).
Coca Cola is the largest customer of vanilla as they use the seed for
flavouring. Madagascar is the world’s largest producer. Orchids are
very beautiful plants and that is why so much time and care is put into
growing them. Vanilla on the other hand is grown for its commercial
value rather than for its appearance but it is labour intensive. The
vanilla crop is the main source of income for many independent
farmers in less developed countries.
One of the ways in which the orchid is so diverse is its ability to
reproduce. Some orchids rely on flying insects, others rely on crawling
insects and finally there are orchids that rely on the wind for more

Orchid Care - Positioning, Temperature & Watering

Growing a breathtakingly beautiful orchid can be a very rewarding
experience as well as a challenging one. There are many enthusiasts
out there trying to grow the perfect orchid, however, many an
enthusiast has been let frustrated in trying to achieve such an
If you haven’t already bought your orchid, the best place to do so is at
a nursery which specialises in more


Orchids have been known for years as one of the plants more difficult to treat. The truth is that this is not true, as long as you have the right tools and information ready when you race.

The perfect combination of water, light, moisture and soil type is usually the problem for most people who choose to get involved with orchids. These things may seem a lot for a beginner orchid grower, but actually to think orchids are not as capricious and fragile as you may think.

Orchids stood the test of time for many reasons. One reason in particular, is that they are difficult. They are extremely well to withstand a lot of beginner mistakes. " And finally, even with these defects, they can always push gently as if they were treated by expert hands....  Read More