Growing roses is something even a novice can do. They are hardy low maintenance plants with more than a 100 different varieties. There is a variety to suite every need. There are climbers, shrubs etc. They come in different colors, sizes and textures.

There are many advantages to growing roses. They are used for making rose water and attar or rose oil which is a the essential oil created through steam distillation of rose petals; jams, marmalades, tea and syrups are made with rose hips which are the fruit of the rose plant. They are very rich in vitamin C. In fact, rose hips have been used as a nutrition supplement and herbal medicine for their rich vitamin content. Though not all variety of roses have rose hips.

There are different methods for different varieties. Climbers, shrubs, miniatures etc all require different care and maintenance. Here is a basic guide to growing roses in containers.

  1. When you purchase your rose, it may either come in a plastic pot, a packet or a cement pot. It is always advisable to get an earthen pot, though if that is not possible a cement or plastic pot will have to do. An earthen pot helps maintain the temperature and absorb extra moisture.
  2. Get the correct size pot, roses which are 4 feet or less need a 14 to 16 inch container with the same diameter. If it is 5 feet or more an 18 inch diameter and depth container.
  3. Make sure the pot is clean, wash it with water if necessary, but don’t use any soap or chemicals of any sort. Get the matching saucer to prevent the floor from staining.
  4. Line the base of the pot with stones or gravel keeping the drainage hole clear. Make sure it is not blocked in any way.
  5. Fill with a third of potting soil, a third garden compost or manure and more manure such as bonemeal or fishmeal. When you have filled two-thirds of the container, place your rose and fill with soil, soil gets compact over time, so make sure it reaches the brim.
  6. Add mulch to the top soil to retain moisture and water properly. If you water too little, the roots will rise to the surface and dry out.

With regular care and attention, you will be growing roses which are strong, healthy and produce beautiful flowers for you.