How and Why to Rent 

Garden Plots in Your Community

Renting garden plots is a growing trend in 2022 that could completely change how you eat, spend time outside, and interact with your community. With the rise in popularity of apartments, units, rental properties, etc fewer people have access to backyards and gardens. 

This is especially noticeable in the younger population, think recent college graduates. If you’re unsure about renting a garden plot or don’t even know what that entails, we’ve put together some awesome reasons why you should consider them!

So, what is a rental garden plot?

A rental garden plot is a small space that you can rent to garden and plant whatever (legal) plants you would like. The size of these plots varies in size based on the community space available. You’ll often find that these plots are offered for a very affordable annual or monthly cost.

What are the benefits of renting a garden plot?

One of the main benefits of renting a garden plot is that it’s an excellent practice in sustainability! Growing your own fruits and veggies is an awesome way to save money and do your part to take care of the environment.

  • Exclusive use of your own plot to plant within the garden guidelines
  • Exclusive access to your own produce
  • Only a limited number of individuals plots available

The experts say that, “By growing local, organic produce, you’ll help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce erosion and sediment going into waterways, and (hopefully) reduce meat and dairy consumption, which is one of the leading causes of global warming.”

Not only are you helping out the environment by using sustainable lifestyle practices, but you’re also helping your overall health. The most obvious way is that you’re growing your own food! By planting your own fruits and veggies you’re practicing organic gardening and you’ll know for a fact that there won’t be any pesticides or other harmful things in your food.

Additionally, getting outside and gardening does wonders for your mental and physical health. According to Health Professionals, it’s proven that spending time outside is good for you. The benefits include getting more vitamin D, improving concentration, being happier, and getting more exercise.

share skills and knowledge and to gain assistance with your plot. 


The community aspect of rental garden plots is often overlooked but is an awesome aspect of renting a garden plot. Being able to interact with people in your community with similar interests is easier said than done, especially in a new city. Renting a garden plot gives you an opportunity to enjoy your gardening hobby with like-minded people. 

people gardening together with flowers

Tips and Tricks

If you’ve decided that a rental garden plot is exactly what you needed in your life, you now might be wondering where to begin.

Small Spaces

If you’re dealing with a smaller spot, you’re probably wondering how you can fit everything you want to grow. This is where vertical garden becomes your best friend. Building a basic trellis for your garden can help you utilize the space and plant as much as you can!

Easy Growers

If you’re not super familiar with gardening, you might face some frustration with growing healthy plants. Thriving fruits and veggies are a little more difficult than you would think, and it helps to start with some basics to build your confidence. Parsley, kale, and cherry tomatoes are great options for getting started. They don’t need too much extra attention and they’re all easy to use in almost every meal!

little girl planting flowers

A Helping Hand

If you’re a little nervous about your first gardening plot that’s okay, it’s totally normal! It’s also okay to ask for help. Most people who are also renting garden plots will be more than happy to answer any quick questions you have. It doesn’t hurt to ask!  orange flowers blue sky

Overall, renting out a garden plot is a great way to get outside, learn something new, meet new people, enjoy homegrown fruits and veggies, and help the environment! If you are low on space or just want to get out of the house, this is a great and relatively inexpensive option. If you want to decorate your little garden plot,