Hybrid Tea Roses: Classic Beauty

A cross between hybrid perpetual and old-fashioned tea produce the acclaimed and popular hybrid tea roses. Hybrid tea roses are known for their beauty, fragrance and appeal. Usually, this variety of rose produces only one bloom at the end of the stem.

Depending on the variety and climatic conditions, hybrid tea roses measure around five inches across comprising about 60 petals, with plants growing 4-6 feet tall. These blooms are especially suitable for making bouquets due to their long and strong stems and availability in several colours.

Hybrid tea roses require some extraordinary care unlike other varieties. Hence, it is advisable to choose a specific variety of rose based on climatic conditions. If you have received the rose plant with bare root, unpack and soak it in water for at least two hours. You need loosen the soil where you want to plant it. The plant can grow better in soil rich in organic matter.

Dig a hole sufficiently big for the plant to spread its roots, and make a mound around it. These hybrid tea roses are bud grafted and hence the bud union should be around two inches above the soil. But the bud union should be buried around two inches in soil in cold climatic conditions. After filling the hole, water the plant well to remove any possible air pockets.

Being repeat bloomers, hybrid tea roses benefit more from frequent application of manure. Choose a balanced fertilizer and continue feeding every alternate week. These roses require slight acidic soil in the range of 6-6.5 pH. If the plant does not get proper iron, its leaves turn yellowish. Magnesium sulphate is used to increase the colour of flowers and strengthen its stems.

During summer and hot weather hybrid tea roses would require a lot of water. Water the rose bed every week or as frequently to avoid dry soil. It is a good idea to add mulch around the plants, as it would prevent weeds as well as help retain moisture.

On an average, the hybrid tea rose attains its full growth in three years. Like modern rose plants, hybrid rose plants have a lifespan of around seven years. All rose plants require about five hours of sunlight for their healthy growth; the sunlight also help dry up excess moisture and protect the plants from diseases and insects.

Summary: Known for their elegance, hybrid tea roses are loved for their extraordinary blooms, which are frequently used in making bouquets and landscaping.