Come fall gardeners are usually a little teary-eyed over parting
ways with garden tasks. For a little late season planting run to
the nearest garden section and buy California poppy, candytuft,
cornflower, dianthus, phlox, cosmos, soapwort, spinach, larkspur,
pansies, some marigolds, snapdragons, garlic, and/or sweet pea
seeds for what should be half off at that time of year.  These
hardy annuals can actually be planted in the fall and will bloom in
the spring or summer!

Who doesn't want instant blooming results in the garden?  If you
buy a plant you want it to be all it can be like, yesterday, right.
 Nurseries know this and so you will pay a premium for larger
plants.  Not only is there a demand, but also the overhead on a
mature plant is more than a new one (larger container, more water,
etc.)  But if you are patient, buy the smaller plant.  It will save
you a good deal of money and in a couple of months, with the right
conditions and some Miracle grow your plant formerly known as
small, will be a force to be reckoned with.

Autumn is a great time of year to buy your seeds on sale as well as
plant those late year garden varieties in your garden. Take the
time to plan an autumn garden so you can enjoy flowers late into
the year.

Have a great day

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