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 The use of organic fertilizers

The use of organic fertilizers is a widely accepted practice in the agricultural sector. Farmers use them to cultivate their fields and vineyards, wine growers use them for viticulture, and gardeners do not apply a liberal in the landscape of the fruit of their turf.

Liquid organic fertilizers are safe and effective way to provide plants with the highest intake of nutrients without damaging them, or to increase soil acidity. Liquid organic fertilizers are substances used to effectively increase the levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Since these three substances are the three main nutrients plants need, liquid organic fertilizer in order to provide a lot of important food crops for their growth.

Liquid organic fertilizer

Liquid organic fertilizer is particularly important in helping plants to overcome the tension involved in the planting, cold or dry season. The organic liquid fertilizer to enrich the soil, help to eliminate the risk of soil nutrient deficiency.

There are two basic methods for applying liquid organic fertilizers - through spraying or applying directly to the soil around the plant. Spraying is a method commonly used to apply liquid organic fertilizers. This is because usually the plants take nutrients through the leaves and stems where their stomata are found. Liquid organic fertilizer is injected into the plant leaves and the stem allows them to absorb nutrients faster.

Another method used to apply liquid organic fertilizers are called directly or question. Liquid organic fertilizer directly to the application as a tea by adding soil around the plant. Liquid organic fertilizer directly to the question is always the same nutritional component of carnations. The only difference is that the organic liquid fertilizer directly to the user of nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium can be lost, because they are not easily absorbed by plants.

types of liquid organic fertilizers

There are several types of liquid organic fertilizers on the market. The most common fertilizer is organic liquid fish emulsion. The Creator from the beginning, and parts of fish liquid fish emulsion liquid organic fertilizer that contains trace elements essential for plant growth. Fish emulsion fertilizer organic liquids is also a high concentration of plant nitrate nitrogen source. Fish emulsion fertilizer, organic liquid may be sprayed on plant leaves and applied directly to the tea.

Liquid organic fertilizer can also be performed earthworm castings. Earthworms play an important role of soil minerals and vitamins, which help the plants grow, and this is what has led scientists to produce organic liquid fertilizers made from earthworms.

Another type of liquid organic fertilizer bat guano. Several manufacturers have produced more organic liquid fertilizer containing any combination of: fish meal, soy protein extract, rock phosphate, bone ash, potassium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, seaweed, and humic acids.