Growing Fruit

 Growing fruit girl eating apple

 To use the No dig gardening method for growing fruit trees, you'll need a little patience. If you've just started your garden, it takes several years for the rich benefits to go deep enough for the fruit trees to be really away and laughing.

However, once the hard yards are done, growing fruit trees organically is most rewarding with bumper, tasty crops.

And in the meantime you can still start to grow fruit by preparing a deep enough hole and filling with well rotted compost, some organic fertilizer and getting your young fruit trees off to a good start.

Apples are the most popular fruit on the planet. There are some delicious new varieties. But with apples and other fruits, the disturbing thing is that with commercial crops, pesticides and fungicides can be absorbed by the fruit and stay there long after harvest.

Many fruits are picked early, some are waxed, and often put straight into cold storage, or stored in other chemically dependant environments.

Seriously consider growing fruit the way you want it

Berry canes, apples, cherries, lemons, limes, plums, pears, oranges, there's no end to the possibilities of fruit growing.

Explore what will grow in your neighbourhood and plant those trees! It's not too hard and a single tree (apple) can net up to 500 apples in a growing season.

Once again, some considerations for growing fruit successfully:

  • Try to plant species that are either native or adapt well to your area. There are many reasons for this but the best one is that those plants will do best where you live! Don't get stuck in a high maintenance routine for something that simply isn't suited to your area.
  • Plant species that will attract local fauna. Help struggling native animals, birds, frogs and insects by building suitable habitat for them. You will be rewarded many times over when they discover where you live!
  • A kitchen garden is not complete without growing your own citrus trees. Apply the information for growing lemons to grow any sort of citrus.
  • If you end up with too much fruit, save some for later by preserving your harvest.

    Growing fruit trees and canes isn't difficult and you will definitely notice the difference!