Vegetable Seed Sowing Guides

 Here you will find unique vegetable sowing guides that are so useful. Based on where you live, you will see when to sow seeds for all climates in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

 It is near impossible to cover all regions absolutely specifically with these vegetable seed sowing guides. There will be some very cold and some not so cold places in each section.

For example in the Northern Hemisphere cold climate guide, there are no frost tender plants for sowings done in Jan, Feb or March. This makes sense as these guides are for sowing seeds outdoors and sometimes the ground may be frozen solid in places.

But there's nothing to stop keen gardeners from using hot-houses or indoor set-ups to get seeds germinating early, then transplanting seedlings outdoors 1-2 months later, when there's a bit of crumbly tilth instead of rock hard resistance.

Let's get sowing and growing — lead the way outside...

Gumboots vegetable sowing guides

Just remember, seasonal weather can vary considerably year to year. You might follow these vegetable sowing guides and get brilliant crops... then one year the rain doesn't fall on cue, or a heat wave hits, or a few late frosts... and bang goes your lettuces, onions, coriander and the rest.

Always look to adapt any seed sowing guides to your local conditions. Are you up in the hills? In a shady valley? Be prepared to compromise, don't fret, there will always be plenty of variety you can grow — just as long as you don't hanker for melons if you have a short growing season, or Brussels sprouts if you live in the desert!

There's also nothing to stop you picking your seedlings early — many weeks early in fact. Baby lettuce leaves, and young radishes come to mind to toss into a summer salad.

The timetables for planting depend on which of the three climate zones you live in...Cold, Temperate or Tropical/Sub-tropical.

But wait, there's more. These sowing guides are separated further into three climate zones AND Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Stay with me here, because stuff designed specifically for the southern hemisphere is, frankly, rare.

So, for the northern hemisphere bods, three broad brushstroke planting calendars that will guide you in planning your vegetable garden.

For those in the southern hemisphere, rejoice! Here is something you won't have to translate into your seasons, all alone in your garden shed.

Here are your vegetable seed sowing guides - great timetables for great vegetables.

Northern Hemisphere Sowing Guides

Cold Climate

Temperate Climate

Tropical/Sub-tropical Climate

Southern Hemisphere Sowing Guides

Cold Climate

Temperate Climate