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Red new growth on soft grey-green leaves, with masses of white flowers in spring. Full sun gives leaves a brighter red colour. 'Claret Tops' can be clipped into hedges or topiary as a feature plant, or left wild in native gardens. Birds love it! these are 140ml pot size online payment is required before collection


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Hibiscus - red cottonwood Australian native hibiscus tree with rich maroon-green foliage and bright yellow (occasionallycoral) flowers. Tolerates high wind, salt soil and poor drainage.


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Generally considered one of the best bottlebrushes, Callistemon 'Hannah Ray' is widely grown for its magnificent display of bright scarlet spring flowers and masses of weeping, pink tipped foliage growth. The bright red flowers are very pendulous and large and attract birds including honey-eaters which are attracted to the sweet nectar that drips from the flowers. It prefers full sun but will tolerate part sun but may produce less flowers.