Molineria capitulata 

palm grass

Molineria capitulata is a species of flowering plant known by the common name palm grass. It is native to much of eastern and southern Asia, Indonesia, and northern Australia. It can be found in many other tropical and warmer temperate places, where it is grown as an ornamental plant. This is a bunch-forming herb with long, flat, fibrous leaves and star-shaped yellow flowers. The fibers from the plant have been used for purposes such as making nets, and the fruit is edible.

This rhizomatus plant has foliage that resembles that of a young Queen Palm. The leaves are light green, pleated, and arched. During the summer, the Palm Grass produces a cluster of bright yellow flowers. This plant is great as a tall ground cover, but does well inside, too. It prefers light shade to partial sun and requires consistently moist soil. It is cold hardy (as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit) and is great for zones 10 and higher. It can grow to be 4 to 6 feet tall and spread out 2 to 4 feet.

Name     Curculigo capitulata 'Palm Grass'

Common Names     Palm Grass, Whale Black

Light Conditions     Partial Sun/Shade

Water Requirements     High tolerance

PH Level     6.1-6.5

Minimum Height     4 feet

Maximum Height     6 feet                                

Growth Habit     Slow

Bloom Period     Mid Summer

Bloom Color     Bright Yellow

Fragrant     Yes

Fragrance     Saffron

Best Grown In     Informal screen

Scientific Name     Curculigo capitulata

Class     Liliopsida

Family     Hyproxidacea

Genus     Curculigo

Species     capitulata

Salt Tolerance     Moderate