“You Can Learn The Secrets To Growing Full, Beautiful, Healthy Looking Roses in Just a Few Days"

In the mini-course you'll discover things you probably didn't know about the rose...its history, its power, and of course its particular affect on the heart.

Here are some of the topics I'll cover in the mini-course;

  • How the Rose impacted current events of the day.
  • A study of the anatomy of the Rose and the Hobby it has created.
  • Learn what the Big Three are.
  • The variety of Roses and how they are propigated.
  • When is it better to graft or use the own-root method.
  • When and how to plant or transplant your Roses.
  • How to take "cuttings" in a way that won't harm the stalk.
  • How to protect your Roses from water, pests, cold weather, and other elements that tend to be harmful to the rose plant.
  • Much, much more!

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