Start your own Backyard Worm Composting project

 You can start your own worm composting project in the comforts of your own home, all the more in your backyard. Vermicomposting can be done using, red wiggler worms that feed and turn your organic waste into a valuable and nutrient-filled natural fertilizer. These worms will make sure to turn your fruit and vegetable scraps, and your garden waste recycled for you.


What you need to start

You can start by preparing a container that is either made of wood or plastic. Worm bins and red worms for sale for example, are always made available at a variety of online stores for your purchase. Now, after you’ve set-up your container, put in and use about 500-2000 worms. Your bedding should be made ready with some soil (achieve a moistened bedding) and leaves. Afterwards, fill your container with some organic waste. Your kitchen scraps can be used for this project just as long as it’s not rice, meat, pasta, or any other cooked food as these can be hazardous for the worms.

How to Start

If you already have a worm bin available, place it on a suitable area on the ground, where you can easily see it. And if you don’t want rodents or other predators preying on your red worms, you can put a protective wire mesh underneath the container. And as soon as you’ve done setting up your bin, start filling it up with some soil and dried leaves on the bottom part of it. But you can also use grass clippings and big pieces of plant trimmings so that the composting process can speed up. After this, you can now put in organic leftovers such as fruits, vegetables, tea bags, and coffee grounds. But remember, everytime you fill the bin with organic waste, make sure to place a layer of leaves on them again.

When’s the best time to do this project?

Composting worms are always there for your gardening needs all year-round. They are there to turn your bedding and food waste into some beneficial compost. And red wigglers can be used anywhere (not just in your backyard) and at anytime. You can also do this project in your school and/or office; and it’s a proven natural process that can help in recycling your organic scraps. It not only is odorless, the benefits of worm compost will also help in conditioning the state of your soil. Red worms composting is easy. Just make sure that you have the right tools prepared and enough worms to start your own worm composting project.