Despite being fragile and vulnerable to diseases, roses in general will grow in any type of climate. However, cold weather may not be conducive for the growth of certain variety of roses. For instance, tea roses grow better in warmer weather. Hence, it is wise to plant roses that are suitable to weather conditions, because planting anything else would be a futile exercise, as they may not survive in a naturally hostile condition.

Tea roses come in just about every imaginable colour. These exquisite blooms require a lot of tender treatment and attention than other plants. However, it pays to take care of them, as they give you the perfectly formed, long-stemmed flowers, which would definitely add to the appeal of a bouquet.

There are several factors that need to be considered while planting tea roses. Provide sufficient space around the bushes, so that the plants get enough air and sunlight. Tea roses require rich soil and frequent use of manure vis-à-vis other plants.

The ideal time for pruning tea roses would be early spring. Get rid of dead or diseased stem and dry foliage. When pruning these roses, remember to make the cut just above an outward facing bud. This will help dormant buds to develop into new branches.

Sprinkle the granulated food at the base of the plant, but let it not touch the plant. It would be necessary to fertilize the plants towards mid-summer. Sufficient amount of fertilizer and good care can result in fabulous blooms. Hence, mulch the tea rose bed, with cocoa or buckwheat hulls. Mulching is good for roses, as it protects the plants from fungal or other related diseases. A powerful spray of water can wash away most of the insects. But if it is found to be ineffective, you may use an anti-fungal product to protect the plant from insects and diseases.

It is advisable to remove faded blooms promptly, cutting them below the next set of leaves, above an outward-facing bud. Cut back the canes to about two-thirds when the colour of the leaves begin to change and droop.

Planting tea roses would be greatly rewarding. If you want to prepare bouquets, tea roses would be ideal, as they do not fall apart at the petals, unlike some varieties, when they are cut.

Summary: Tea roses, unlike other variety of roses, are the favourite of many gardening enthusiasts as they are not only very attractive, but also are perfect for making bouquets.