Types of Roses Summary:

When you have an idea of some of the different types of roses in the market, you can buy ones that are most suited to your need and your interest. These plants will definitely add to your gardening experience with their beauty and their presence.


 If you are an avid fan or gardening and love growing flowering plants, knowing the different types of roses will be something important to you. Roses are a hot a favorite with everyone, because of the many colors they come in. And the easiness they are to grow and their wonderful fragrance. There are many different species of roses native to different regions around the globe. They are quite a showy plant to own for many and one that is much loved by people for a lot of reasons. With more than 150 types, knowing at least 5 varieties to begin with would be a good idea.

When you want to understand the many different types, start by learning about some basic classifications. Let’s start with hybrid tea roses. When it comes to types of roses, the first thing that comes to mind is the variety of which has a long cane and a large bloom at the end of it. It is the most commonly seen variety especially in many florists’ shops. There are numerous sub varieties of this in a number of colors excepting blue and black. Veterans honor, St Patrick, Mr. Lincoln etc are some trade names of roses belonging to this variety.

One other variety you might want to know about are the floribunda roses. These were first known by the name hybrid polyanthas. With cluster blooms these plants are a hot favorite among gardeners and landscape people. There are also varieties with singular blooms and some examples of this variety include Simplicity, Angel Face, Iceberg, French Lace etc.  Another variety to learn about in types of roses is Grandifloras. These are a combination plant with traits of both hybrid tea varieties and floribunda. Examples of this variety include the Queen Elizabeth, gold medal, etc.

Many people also love another type of roses called miniature roses. These have smaller blooms, bushes and foliage. A number of these varieties are often grown in bottles or containers by people. They require some more attention but are easy to transport at all times and varieties include Autumn Splendor, Butter Cream and Cachet. Of course, if you want some types of roses that you can grow over your gazebo or wish to look at climbing varieties, then the ones to look out for are Altissimo and 4th of July, if you want large blooms. If you are looking at climbing roses with smaller blooms, opt for Seven sisters and American pillar.