What to Feed and What Not to Feed Red Wigglers

compiled by Lee Spindler


What do worms eat?

Food is a necessity, as with any kind of living thing. And when it comes to Red Wigglers, they too require specific foodstuff. But do take note that they also can't eat everything, like what us humans can. So before you go right ahead into feeding these breeding earthworms what's left on your kitchen counter or from your garden, check first these helpful tips below.


Good stuff for your red worms

It's inevitable that when you're raising red worms, it's best to provide them of their particular needs. Not only do they long for a comfortable habitat to thrive in, they're also very much hungry for food. Take note that red worms only eat organic stuff. And they only eat these in small portions, so make sure to supply them with food that have already been cut into small pieces.

What to feed your Red Worms

Feeding red wigglers can be made easy. You'll just have to know what organic materials to feed them with since they're born vegetarians. So to know more of your options, here's a few things that you can make available to your compost pals:

  • Peels from fruits and vegetables (can be uncooked) -You can try feeding them some Lettuce.
  • Egg shells (rich in Calcium) - Add crushed and clean ones (don't put in raw ones that still has egg residue in it) before feeding these to your red worms, as this can add that much needed grit for the worms digestion. It also helps increase the in pH level in the worm bin.
  • Cereals, grains, bread
  • Coffee Grounds, Coffee filters and Tea Bags - These are usually given for free by many coffee shops, as recycling in this way is highly practiced in their stores. Try visiting one, to get your free supply.
  • Dead or Wilted flowers, some dry Grass Clippings and Leaves
  • Pre-soaked Newspaper, Cardboard, Egg Cartons
  • Vacuum cleaner dust or hair clippings from both human and animals
  • Animal Manure - Only use those that are days old; and are from animals that eat only plants for food (like horses and rabbits for example).

What not to feed your red worms

Your worm composters only deserve the best. Feed them the right foodstuff, and they'll in turn, give you the best results (some nutrient-filled castings). So try to avoid feeding them materials that has a high acidity level to it (like citrus-based fruits); and so that the pH level of your worm bin won't drop as well. Failing to feed them the right stuff may lead to your Red Wiggler worms demise. So, know what not to feed them by reading this list below:
  1. Meat and Dairy products
  2. Poultry
  3. Seafood
  4. Fatty, Oily, and Salty foods
  5. Acidic foods and citrus fruits
  6. Spicy Food and Herbs
  7. Processed food
  8. Onions and Garlic
  9. Poisonous plants or plants that have been sprayed on with insect killer products
  10. Glossy paper or paper that has colored ink on it
  11. Soap

A balanced diet for your red worms

Your Red Wigglers need to have a balanced diet as well. So make sure to put in those brown and green stuff inside the bin (should be in 50-50 portions). Brown materials are typically high in carbon, as those green stuff contains lots of nitrogen.