Using a liquid organic fertilizer from worms

 It’s easy to make and use a natural liquid fertilizer (also known as worm tea). It not only is good for your plants and soil, it is also easy to apply. When compared to the usual manual spreading and plowing of your composting worm solid castings, the liquid fertilizer material can be easily watered (can be used with a foliar spray) on the plant and soil. You can either make one or buy organic fertilizer online. Either way, going all natural is still the best way. So here are a few more facts on liquid organic fertilizer usage.


Fact 1: Liquid organic fertilizer contents

Just like other organic fertilizer manufacturers, this fertilizer in liquid form can be created using only worm compost that’s usually harvested from a composting tumbler. This brewed worm tea can be combined with worm compost and water (typically combined with one gallon of water). Of course, worm castings that are used to make worm tea, are filled with nutrients that came from organic waste that the worms have consumed earlier.

Fact 2: Your plant and soil booster

Your red worms castings, a natural fertilizer, is a good liquid booster for plants and soil. Your vegetables, fruits and soil will definitely benefit from this nutrient-filled worm tea once in a while; as these aren’t also made available for them all the time.

Fact 3: Organic weed killer

Using a liquid organic fertilizer (from worm castings) is very useful, as it can be turned into an organic weed killer as well. Gardens with weed problems can use this natural fertilizer to bring back the nutrients that have been lost from this weed attack. Worm tea can also help in reducing weed growth from coming back.

Fact 4: All the benefits of compost in a liquid form

Red worms castings that are turned into liquid fertilizers have a lot of beneficial uses for it, apart from being cost-efficient. Aside from being organic and all natural (and also environmental-friendly), it also helps bring back the health of your plants and soil (especially for eroded soil that needs detoxifying). Using worm tea can also increase the following: the fertility of the soil, flowering (develops the growth of fruit and flowers better), pest control, and disease control. Take note that worm tea is chemical free, so it won’t harm your plants and soil. The use of a liquid organic fertilizer will definitely make your plant growth stronger; and will also help improve soil biology. 

Benefits of Liquid Organic Fertilizer

  1. organic and all natural
  2. environmentally friendly
  3. re-establish soil and plant health
  4. de-toxify soils
  5. increase soil fertility
  6. increase resistance to pests attacks
  7. increase resistance to disease attacks
  8. chemical free
  9. stronger plant growth
  10. increased flowering
  11. increased water holding capacity of soil by up to 30%
  12. use on any plant as all natural and organic
  13. improves fruit and flowers
  14. helps to de-compact compacted soil
  15. adds beneficial biology back into soil and on to plant leaf surfaces
  16. minerals and nutrient in plant available form
  17. all the benefits of compost in a liquid form
  18. cost efficient